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RMC is a national organization with growing membership in all fifty states. We eager to expand our nation-wide reach and bring together pro-choice Republicans in local communities.  Please see the list below for things you can do to advocate for women’s reproductive health and freedoms as a Republican. In this trying political climate, RMC needs your voice so that we can continue working for impactful commonsense policy solutions!

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#Campaign4CommonGround is working – Help us keep the pressure on!

After another successful day on Capitol Hill, we are closer to gaining vital GOP support for two important family planning programs — we need your help to keep the pressure on!

Our #Campaing4CommonGround is focused on two key initiatives– the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program (TPPP) and Title X.

Reducing teen and unplanned pregnancy will not only save billions in taxpayer dollars, it will reduce poverty, increase educational achievement and workforce competitiveness, and improve health and social outcomes for children, women and families. Unplanned pregnancy is the cause of the vast majority of the nation’s abortions; so  reducing teen and unplanned pregnancy also reduces the rate of abortion.

Our most recent meetings included discussions with many members of Congress, and the teams of Congressional leaders central in the House and Senate budget process.  By providing the knowledge preventive programs have positive social, political AND economic outcomes for millions of American families, we can gain support of Republican leaders who control the agenda in Congress.

Click here to read the facts about Title X and TPPPThen call or email House and Senate leadership and ask for their support for positive, preventive programs like the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program and Title X (ten). Your voices will make a difference.

Get involved locally!

We are always looking for pro-choice Republicans eager to participate media efforts through their hometown newspapers. Use the link above to email us for more information and to join us in spreading the real Republican message of small government and personal responsibility across the nation.

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Earlier in 2013 the House of Representatives passed H.R. 1797 – the so-called “Pain-Capable” Unborn Child Protection Act. Florida Senator Marco Rubio has recently taken up this effort, despite the fact that this dangerous legislation would never pass the Democrat-controlled Senate. Sign our petition asking Republican leadership to stoping wasting taxpayers time and money on such pointless political maneuvers– and focus on solving real problems instead.

Tell Party Leadership to support preventative funding measures!

Tell GOP leadership that you recognize Congress has tough budget decisions and explain that a modest investment in proven approaches to reduce teen and unplanned pregnancy will SAVE taxpayer dollars and strengthen economic opportunity for women and families.

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with your support will secure support for cost effective positive programs that can improve the lives of millions of Americans.  

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