About RMC

Who We Are
RMC is a national organization with members truly committed to limiting the scope of government in the personal lives of Americans.  We are Republicans because we believe in the rights and power of the individual. These values should extended to all areas of policies, including social issues.

What We Do
As the nation’s leading pro-choice Republican organization with members in all 50 states, we are able to work with legislators on issues from access to affordable contraception, lessening the incidence of unintended pregnancies, and new approaches to sex education that provide students medically accurate, age-appropriate information. The Republican Majority for Choice Political Action Committee supports pro-choice Republican candidates to ensure a strong mainstream voice within the Republican caucus.

Why We Matter
Pro-choice Republicans understand that we can streamline spending AND find ways to balance the needs of countless women and families. Mainstream Republicans are an integral part of the legislative process, committed to the universal application of the GOP’s founding principle of personal freedom.  We, as a pro-choice Republicans, are vitally important to the nation as we provide a counter to extremists on both sides and foster bipartisan solutions in what has become an increasingly polarized environment.