FOCUS 54: A Republican Conference on Women

On September 15-16, RMC hosted FOCUS 54 in Washington, D.C. We were joined by dozens of organizations and state legislators as well as RMC members  all over the country, coming together to advance smarter preventive reproductive health policy that will promote healthier families & save families and taxpayers millions. We also addressed the need for more female leaders within the Republican Party.
This event was a great success, and we are excited to keep the dialogues we had at the conference going. Sign up (to the right) with your email to get updates on FOCUS 54 progress!

Cosmopolitan Interviews Pro-Choice Republicans!

Cosmo_logo1.188111929_stdRMC National Board Chairs Susan Bevan and Candy Straight were thrilled to join Cosmopolitan magazine thisweek for a roundtable discussion on the importance of pro-choice voices within the Republican Party.

Together with North Dakota State Representative Kathy Hawken, Kansas State Representative Stephanie Clayton and College Republican Briana Burroughs, RMC highlighted the ways Republican values support the pro-choice position and the need to protect access to all reproductive health care choices - including education, abstinence, abortion and motherhood! 


unnamedHelp RMC and Double Your Impact TODAY!

In order to keep making progress on our goals, we need your helpTwo generous donors have offered to match donations up to $10,000! This means that for every dollar you give, $2 will go to an important lobbying effort--making sure that funding for Title X remains in place.

We need your help to make sure Title X is reauthorized by the end of the year. We are the mainstream GOP group who can reach Republicans in Congress and educate them on the real cost savings of Title X. We cannot let the misinformation campaign from anti-choice extremists determine how our tax dollars are spent.

We only have until November 1st to take advantage of this crucial opportunity - so please give today. If you give 10$, we will get $20. If you can donate $100, we will get $200