This January we welcome a new Republican majority in Congress. For pro-choice Republicans this brings great opportunity as well as new obstacles - and we need to be prepared to face important issues head on. Make a donation today to help RMC mobilize tens of thousands of pro-choice Republicans from across the country. 


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On the 42nd Anniversary of Roe v. Wade, after weeks of working to defeat the HR 36 abortion ban, Republicans of all leanings and beliefs came together, united against this dangerous bill. Your calls, emails, petitions and support made a difference. 

Join RMC in saying thank you to the GOP leaders who spoke out against extremist legislation that would do further harm to women, families and even rape survivors.




RMC In The News

Recently, RMC fellow Briana Burroughs joined Fusion TV's Alicia Menendez and former President Bush speechwriter Elise Jordan to talk about what it means to be pro-choice and conservative.

View the full video here - and don't miss the Cosmopolitan magazine piece that started it all.