RMC Talks the 2014 Midterm Elections!

This election brought major change– leaving us with many questions: What does it all mean for vital legislative issues? How did women fare in this cycle? Will the coalitions built to sweep Republicans into office hold?

On November 19th, RMC members and friends sat down to discuss these and many more questions facing Americans in the wake of the 2014 Election season. The room was packed, the panelists were on point and thanks to great questions and discussion, the evening was a huge success.  If you missed the event, don’t worry, click here to check out the recap on our blog and if you haven't already, sign up at the right for regular email updates on all of RMC's efforts and exciting events like these! >>>>>>



Are You a Hard Working Pro-Choice Republican?

The Republican Majority for Choice is looking for part-time interns to join our organization this Winter. Interns will be working on social media projects; writing and researching white papers; lobbying and legislative efforts; and learning how to contact press. Interns will also be able to experience Capitol Hill, gain access to networking events, and learn about the realities of working in politics.

Read more about our intern program here and apply today!


RMC In The News

Recently, former RMC intern Briana Burroughs joined Fusion TV's Alicia Menendez and former President Bush speechwriter Elise Jordan to talk about what it means to be pro-choice and conservative.

View the full video here - and don't miss the Cosmopolitan magazine piece that started it all.