RMC Remembers

Republican Majority for Choice joins our members and friends across the country in mourning the loss of our dear friend and RMC Board member Elsie Hillman. Philanthropist and political activist, Elsie devoted her life to others. Read more here. 




Republican Colorado state Representative Don Coram co-sponsored a bill aimed at preventing teen pregnancy and keeping kids in school. The measure would expand a successful pilot program that has been running for over a decade:

"It teaches abstinence, but that doesn't always work so we’re also teaching [teens] things they are not learning anywhere else on how to prevent pregnancies and helping those that actually do become pregnant," Coram said.

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It may be Summer – but RMC isn’t taking a vacation. We are on the Hill every week and we need your continued support. Our ongoing Campaign for Common Ground brings us face-to-face with BOTH pro- and anti- choice Republicans to talk about the importance of preventive family planning and teen pregnancy prevention programs. But we cannot do this without your continued support.

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